Monday, 5 February 2018

37. Movie Money 04/02/2018

Movie gods, forgive me, for I have sinned.

Last week I reported that Jumanji January was over. That finally, the long and exhaustive run being had by 'Jumanji:Welcome to the Jungle'. A movie that was bested by a Star Wars movie, only to best it back after only 3 weeks. I assumed that finally, after being knocked off the #1 spot yet again, it would throw in the towel, celebrate its phenomenal run, and mosey on out the top 5. Oh movie gods, I have doubted your wisdom, for this week Jumanji is once again, the #1 movie of the week. It's made $11m this weekend, bringing its domestic total to $352.6m and $855.7m worldwide. What a run.

For the rest of the top 5, it's less impressive developments all around. At #2 we have last weeks big winner, 'The Maze Runner: The Death Cure' with $10.2m this weekend bringing its domestic total to $39m and a $182.6m worldwide. Not at all bad considering its $62m budget, but considering that the first two made almost double that amount, it's safe to say this is the last we'll see of The Maze Runner kids.

Beyond that the #3 spot went to 'Winchester' with a domestic and worldwide total of $9.2m. No word on its budget but considering horror movies rarely cost an arm and a leg, I doubt the film won't at least break even, despite harrowing reviews. #4 was maintained by 'The Greatest Showman' with $7.8m this weekend, making bank with a domestic total of  $137.3m and a worldwide total of $290.4m. Finally at #5, changing at the last minute is 'The Post'. This post previously belonged to 'Hostiles' which brought in $5.1m, but 'The Post' has reigned supreme by a hair with $5.2m.

That's the report for this week and here's the podcast:

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