Monday, 29 January 2018

36. Movie Money (29/01/2018)

Jumanji January is finally over!

With new releases starting to trickle out like this week's 'The Maze Runner', perhaps the 2018 box office will finally be worth discussing. This week the #5 movie was none other than 'The Post', slipping down from its #4 spot, and earning a smooth $8.8m, bringing its domestic total to $58.5m, and worldwide it has brought in $83m. It's likely the film will finish with around $100m. #4 we have 'The Greatest Showman' taking a bump up this week from the #5 spot. The Hugh Jackman musical has made $9.5m this weekend and has amassed a staggering $126m domestically, and $259m worldwide. That's pretty impressive for a movie that had a disappointing opening of merely $15m.

At #3, we have 'Hostiles' rocketing into the top five from the #23 spot, thanks to its huge cinema expansion. The Christian Bale film brought in $10.2m and has a domestic total of $12m, just over a quarter of it's $40m budget. #2 is the top dog of the last month, 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle', bringing in $16.4m this weekend, with a domestic gross of $338m, and an even more impressive worldwide gross of $822m, on a budget of $90m. The film that took it down is 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure', the thrilling conclusion to the saga that started 4 years ago. The threequel made $23m on its opening weekend, about half of its $62m budget, but has more than recouped that, with a worldwide total of $105.5m.

That's the box office this week and if you'd like to hear Shawna and Damian discuss in more detail, you can listen below. We also discuss this year's Oscar nominees!

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