Monday, 29 January 2018

36. Movie Money (29/01/2018)

Jumanji January is finally over!

With new releases starting to trickle out like this week's 'The Maze Runner', perhaps the 2018 box office will finally be worth discussing. This week the #5 movie was none other than 'The Post', slipping down from its #4 spot, and earning a smooth $8.8m, bringing its domestic total to $58.5m, and worldwide it has brought in $83m. It's likely the film will finish with around $100m. #4 we have 'The Greatest Showman' taking a bump up this week from the #5 spot. The Hugh Jackman musical has made $9.5m this weekend and has amassed a staggering $126m domestically, and $259m worldwide. That's pretty impressive for a movie that had a disappointing opening of merely $15m.

At #3, we have 'Hostiles' rocketing into the top five from the #23 spot, thanks to its huge cinema expansion. The Christian Bale film brought in $10.2m and has a domestic total of $12m, just over a quarter of it's $40m budget. #2 is the top dog of the last month, 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle', bringing in $16.4m this weekend, with a domestic gross of $338m, and an even more impressive worldwide gross of $822m, on a budget of $90m. The film that took it down is 'Maze Runner: The Death Cure', the thrilling conclusion to the saga that started 4 years ago. The threequel made $23m on its opening weekend, about half of its $62m budget, but has more than recouped that, with a worldwide total of $105.5m.

That's the box office this week and if you'd like to hear Shawna and Damian discuss in more detail, you can listen below. We also discuss this year's Oscar nominees!

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Monday, 15 January 2018

'All The Money In The World' (2017) Review: Cut A Deal On This One

Half Price: A movie worth seeing, but get a deal on it before you do
What would you do if you had all the money in the world? That’s a question that for most people remains purely hypothetical, but in 1973 that was the reality of J Paul Getty. The film touts Mr. Getty’s wealth as being more than has ever been owned in human history when he lived. While that might not be empirically accurate it makes for a good tagline. Still, it’s more than enough to pay for the safe return of his kidnapped grandson. But when asked how much he would give up in order to see his grandson again he simply responds “nothing.”

And the reward for most gangsta MF of 2017 goes too...
That’s the events that kick off ‘All The Money In The World’, a story about the pitfalls of greed, wealth, and the importance of family. It’s also the film that was supposed to star Kevin Spacey, but now stars Christopher Plummer who reportedly filmed his scenes in a matter of 9 days. That changeover might be the best thing that could’ve happened for the film, as this is certainly Christopher Plummer’s show. The 88-year-old actor elevates the production with a complex and rewarding performance.

In fact, Plummer is so good, he puts his co-stars to shame. It’s not that Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams are bad. On the contrary, Williams' take on the frustrated mother of a kidnapped child is touching. Mark Wahlberg as the ex-CIA agent hired to find the boy is his least obnoxious performance in years. Everyone does their best in the movie, especially Charlie Plummer, Christopher Plummer’s real life grandson, who plays the character of John Paul Getty III. His skill comes in being sympathetic even though his first appearance on screen is the measured depiction of the most obnoxious rich ponce in existence. 

Normally I'm against using watermarked images but this seems too perfect. 
There’s plenty to love about ‘All The Money In The World’. It’s not a true story that makes you question its authenticity, however inauthentic it may be. The problem is, the movie is entirely too long. 40 minutes cut from the runtime could have made this the best movie of the year. As it stands, it’s still one of the best, but for the movie about getting the best deal you can, perhaps see it at a discount.

Rating: Half Price