Tuesday, 17 October 2017

32. Movie Money (17/10/17)

A solid weekend for the box office this mid October weekend. Friday the 13th landed right in Shocktober 2017, and saw the release of 'Happy Death Day', the most recent Blumhouse success story which brought in $26m this weekend on a $4.5m budget. It joins 'Split', 'Get Out', 'Annabelle Creation' and of course, 'It' as yet another horror film making an immense profit due to low budget but a good marketing presence. Unsure whether it will make for a good long term run, but it's certainly a killer opening.

'Happy Death Day''s success is 'Blade Runner 2049''s ho hum, as the 35 years in the making sequel brought it only $15.4m in its second weekend bringing its domestic total to $60.9m, under half its $150m budget, and a worldwide total of $156m. So at least its made a profit. 'The Foreigner came in at number 3, with a mere $13m opening, but its worldwide total is a gargantuan $101m, making this a complete and utter success in its first week of release and proving once again why more movies are geared towards Chinese audiences.

Rounding out the top 5 we have 'It' at #4, with $6m this week, and right behind it is 'The Mountain Between Us' bringing in $5.7m.

That's the top 5 for this week. Here's the podcast:
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