Monday, 9 October 2017

31. Movie Money (09/10/2017)

Well this was a depressing weekend. Although not an entirely unexpected one. It was a top 5 that saw older movies fall, new movies rise, and some unimpressive numbers. Number 1 was the long awaited sequel to the 1982 classic 'Blade Runner', 'Blade Runner 2049'. It brought in $32.7m, below the $50m projections being thrown around by analysts. Worldwide, the movie has made $82.9m, which is almost the entire worldwide gross of the original film, which grossed $93.4m after inflation.

A beautiful film, with a not so beautiful opening weekend.
That's not terrible considering the competition of the next few weeks. The biggest threat is in fact 'Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween'. It's likely that 'Blade Runner 2049' will maintain its hold over the box office, thanks to the stellar word of mouth its received. The issue being, $32.7m is not the best of starts, and while audiences will likely flock to what's being called one of the best films of the year, the film's 3 hour runtime might prevent it from breaking records. 

The #2 movie is 'The Mountain Between Us'. Almost certainly this films $10.1m domestic, and $13.7m worldwide take, was due to the star power of Elba and Winslet. Without them it probably wouldn't even be in the top 5. With a modest budget of $35m, it won't be a surprise to see this film break even. 'It' continues to make money, crossing $600m worldwide this week at #3. #4 was the big jump to the silver screen for 'My Little Pony', which brought in $8.8m. Finally, 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' seems to be on its way out the top 5 with $8.1m this week, bringing its worldwide total to $253.5m. It's likely to match or fall just short of its predecessor, which finished its run at $414m worldwide.

That's it for this weeks box office, here's the podcast with Damian's mini review of Blade Runner 2049. You can read the full thing here.