Monday, 21 August 2017

Movie Money Episode 26 (21.08.2017)

I wish there were more to say about this week's box office, but alas, August continues to be a cruel mistress. Hitman's Bodyguard and Logan Lucky were the heavy hitters this week, and those heavy hitters seemed to be films best suited for a DVD release. At #1 we had 'Hitman's Bodyguard' with $21.3m, against a budget of $30m. The action comedy will no doubt make back its modest budget, but it's nothing that will garner sequels and spin-offs until kingdom come. 'Logan Lucky' came in with $7.6m at #3, and no doubt suffered from the incredibly sparse marketing of the film. Perhaps this time Soderbergh will be out for good, considering the film opened with less than a third of its $30m budget.

The rest of the box office had the old familiar faces. 'Dunkirk' made $6.6m at #4 and brought it's domestic and worldwide totals to $165.4m and $395m respectively. To still be in the top five after 5 weeks is remarkable for this film, but entirely expected considering the dry wasteland of August releases. Also benefitting from being the only other film out at the moment, 'Annabelle: Creation' dropped down to #2 with a $15.6m weekend, with a domestic total of $64.1m and a whopping worldwide total of $126m. While I despise the movie, you have to respect getting almost more than 10 times your $15m budget in your second weekend.

Underwhelming for the new releases, but good for the old ones, this weekend was ultimately disappointing as the top spot barely etched over $20m. The box office doesn't seem to be picking up much steam either, as theatres may continue to be empty, as the next big release is all the way on September 8 with 'IT'. Hopefully, this Stephen King adaptation does better than the last, as 'The Dark Tower' went from #4, all the way to #9 this week.

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