Monday, 7 August 2017

Movie Money: Episode 24 (06.08.2017)

Movie buffs that follow the year's releases are well aware of certain dead spots in the year. January, early October,  and August are notoriously bad release windows for movies. The movies are either poorly received critically, or commercially, or both. With that in mind, let's take a look at the first weekend in August.

Topping out the top 5 with a modest opening of $19.5m is 'The Dark Tower'. The Idris Elba led picture benefited from a lack of competition this week and managed to gain a third of its $60m budget. Worldwide the film has grossed $27.5m. It's likely that the film will eventually earn back its budget, but it's not quite the success it was hoping to be.

Dark Tower gets the top spot, but won't be making any box office records.

At number 2 we have 'Dunkirk' making a whopping $17.6m in its third weekend in a row, bringing its domestic total to $133.5, and its worldwide total to $314.5m, way past its $100m budget. Number 3 is 'The Emoji Movie' which experienced a 50% drop this week, with a take of $12.3m. The movie based off of icons in your smart phone made $49.4m domestically this weekend and $62.1m worldwide. With a budget of only $50m, the film is a success, but not the runaway hit expected by Sony Pictures.

Rounding out the top 5 we have 'Girls Trip' continuing its phenomenal run with $11.4m for its 3rd weekend, bringing its domestic total to $85.4m, and a worldwide total of $90.8m. The movie continues to be a crowd pleaser, as it experienced a mere 41.9% drop this week. It's well on its way to making a $100m. Finally, at #5 we have 'Kidnap', with a weekend gross of $10.2m, about half of its $20m budget. It seems star power won the day for this film which had little to no marketing. The film should make back its budget provided it maintains its luck.

The "'Taken' with Halle Berry" angle seems to have come through for Relativity Studios.

That's all for this week, join us again next Monday for another report. We'll see how the current landscape gets changed with the release of 'Annabelle: Creation' which is sure to draw in more than enough to cover its small budget.

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