Tuesday, 11 July 2017

'Losing Patience' (2017) Review: Staying Sane In An Insane World

Some days life just doesn't go your way. Your boss gives you a hard time, you go on a bad date. For Renee Patience, that seems to be the rule, rather than the exception. That's the takeaway from miniseries 'Losing Patience'. A short, yet potent inside look at the life of a young woman, trying to navigate life and it's unnecessary difficulties. Each episode puts Patience at the heart of frustrating situations, each testing her resolve. Sometimes she handles it with tact, letting cooler heads prevail. Other times, 'Losing Patience' allows its audience to see our fantasies fulfilled as Renee decides there are some things she just won't put up with.

Sometimes you just have to take a stand.

Instantly, the thing which stands out about 'Losing Patience' is its stunning cinematography. Nothing about the series feels as though it was made for television. The skill shown is something often only found on a venture to the cinema. The same goes for the story being told. While the content put together is under 25 minutes, I could easily see the potential for more. The grasp on the characters is so strong, that in such a short time, I felt I knew Renee Patience. At least as much as she would allow.

That's entirely due to the director, writer, and editor Teeqs. The driving force behind the production. Watching 'Losing Patience' was only as rewarding an experience because of the focused and well thought out vision of its creator. The vessel of that vision, is none other than music artist Sevana, giving her debut acting performance. You'd be hard pressed to think that though. Sevana makes it seem like she's been acting her entire life, as she effortlessly shows masterful control of her expressions.

The part she was born to play.

Everything in 'Losing Patience' is a celebration of subtlety. The entire cast shines even when they're given little to no dialogue. The scenes are filled with ambient noise, adding to the sense of realism making the stories more relatable. To that point, 'Losing Patience' is only awkward when it wants to be. It's smoothly paced and feels like every scene has a purpose. It's a series that reflects the everyday struggles of so many people, just trying to stay sane. It's thoughtful, while not being too heavy, and it's a laugh riot, without being too ridiculous. 'Losing Patience' is a well-balanced series that definitely deserves your attention.

Rating: Big Screen Watch (Or in this case Catch it on Vimeo Right Away)

'Losing Patience' is out now and available for streaming on Vimeo here.