Monday, 29 May 2017

Movie Money: Episode 18 (May 28, 2017)

Summer movie season continues this week, but not in a way that most might've expected. It wasn't a complete surprise. 'Pirates of the Caribbean' remains a box office contender, coming in at $62.6m, and $77m for the 4 day weekend. That's chump change compared to the film's international numbers, which came in at a staggering $208m, bringing its worldwide total to an already impressive $285m. Disney's good weekend continued with 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2' taking the #2 spot for the second weekend in a row, and earning a respectable $25m.

Yes Captain Jack, as surprising as it is, your franchise is still profitable.
The good times seem to stop there, as newcomer 'Baywatch' struggled to even make half its $69m budget, coming in at $27m. The adaptation based on the television show of the same name just couldn't hold its own against the juggernauts of 'Pirates' and 'Guardians'. #4 on the top 5 this week, 'Alien Covenant' took a bit of a nosedive this week, earning $13m, bringing its domestic total to a comfortable $60m. That's less than its production budget, but the worldwide total of $160m means 'Alien Covenant' might be underperforming, but is still a success. It seems to have been released at the perfect time, right before the competition was too stiff.

For a movie that tried to please everyone, 'Baywatch' will likely go mostly unseen this summer.
Finally, we have the little movie that could 'Everything Everything'. A stellar marketing campaign with an intriguing trailer you could not get away from giving this movie the momentum it needed to double its budget this weekend, earning $7.3m and bringing its total gross to $22m, with a budget of $10m.

That's all for this week and if you'd like you can listen to our discussion on the weekend box office below: