Monday, 10 April 2017

Movie Money: Episode 16 (April 10, 2017)

There are no two ways about it, Disney is about to have another gargantuan year at the box office. The live-action remake of 'Beauty and the Beast' was not at the number one spot this week. That privilege went to 'Boss Baby', which gained $26.3m this week, bringing its domestic total to $89m, and its worldwide total to $200m. Already it's set to outpace 'The Lego Batman Movie', which has only just reached a total of $300m worldwide. But as the animated features duked it out for their piece of the lunch money pie, 'Beauty and the Beast' comfortable maintains its impressive run.

After just 4 weeks, the film has gone on to earn $976m worldwide and is set to be the years first billion dollar movie. The movie has enjoyed a steady dominance, with it's numbers only declining slightly since its release. For context, Marvel movies, and other of the ilk usually suffer the brunt of a drop off between 50% and 60%, every week of their release. Meaning, their numbers decrease by 60% of whatever they had the week before. 'Beauty and the Beast' has yet to decrease by less than 50% of the business they've done every week so far. That means they've made more than half of the money they've made the week before every week.

That's the most exciting thing about this week in my eyes. Exciting is probably the wrong word, considering this is a blog post about movies that make more money than I'll probably (definitely) ever see in my life, but that's kinda my thing here. For the rest of the Box Office, 'Power Rangers' dropped down to the number 6 spot, bringing in about $6m this weekend, but has made back its budget worldwide. There's no sequel confirmed yet but its safe to say there'll be more to come from the franchise in the future. 'Ghost In The Shell', had a similar fate this week as it clawed its way to a $31m domestic total. International markets are carrying this film, and brought it to $124m worldwide this week, saving this film from being both a critical and a commercial failure.

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