Monday, 6 March 2017

Movie Money: Episode 14

This week saw the release of the biggest film of the year so far. While Lego Batman and John Wick duked it out for as long as they could, it was 'Logan' that truly dominated the weekend box office, pulling in a whopping $88.4 million dollars. That's more than half of the domestic takings of the last Wolverine solo film and has already made nearly a quarter of a billion worldwide. The swan song of the most violent X-Man is certainly a hit.

The rest of the box office did not do as well, but still faired decently. Especially in the case of Jordan Peele's 'Get Out', which only dropped one slot in its second weekend. Coming in at number 2, and bringing its gross to $78 million, with a budget of only $4.5. It's the second horror movie this year to continuously hold its own, with 'Split' having a very similar trajectory. Continuing with the top 5, number 3 was held by 'The Shack', a movie you've either never heard of or forgot about completely, but had an audience somewhere, since it brought in $16 million. Finally 'The Lego Batman Movie' at number 4, and 'John Wick Chapter Two' at number 5, continue to be contenders, with $11 million and $4 million respectively.

For a conversation on the weekend box office, here's this week's show:
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