Sunday, 6 November 2016

'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' Review (2016) By Naadir Joseph

Read A Book: The wrong way to do a Jack Reacher movie.
There was always something incredibly awesome about the lines he says when the phone rings. The movie starts out in this cool way and leads to a more grounded and human Jack Reacher. Through his travels, he finds more trouble as usual. It is what he does. Ex-Major Jack Reacher, they make that too much of a fact to know, seems interested in Major Turner played by Cobie Smulders and in doing so, hurls himself into a case of espionage.

Along with the espionage, Reacher finds out some unsettling news making him question his humanity and his place in the world throughout the entire movie, excluding the parts when he is in attack mode. There is not much depth to the movie other than that. He is an efficient fighting machine that does get hit now and then, but I felt the more I watched, the more they took away from the mysticism of Jack Reacher.

In the first rendition of the character, he was the guy you don’t mess with as he was just that good. We didn’t need to know more about him. We just wanted him to show off his skills and be the action hero that he was. In the sequel, they changed it up and made him a normal human being. I don’t see anything wrong with this approach as I felt it was a great way to continue with the character. I only have a problem with the execution of the approach.

Throughout the movie, I felt myself urge him forward and ask, “Where’s the man from the first movie? You were such a great soldier and now, you're just this thing I see before me.”

Tom Cruise was not bad in this role as I love him as Jack Reacher. The rest of the acting was kind of flat with the exception being Cobie Smulders. It was the perfect way to start off the sequel and the rest of it was just far away from any plot that could have grounded him. I know one thing is for certain, I will pretend that this movie doesn’t exist and I will enjoy the first one on its own as the beauty that it was.

Rating: Read A Book