Friday, 21 October 2016

'Mechanic: Resurrection' (2016) Review by Naadir Joseph

Read A Book: The action movie that should not have been made
The classic action film that was at a high during the 80s and 90s faded when audiences began to desire complex storylines with a relatable and intriguing villain. Jason Statham’s action movies were on the rise in the new age, offering something different like the first ‘Transporter’ movie; ‘The Mechanic: Resurrection’ was a film very much like the ones of old.

Sprinkle a few fights, typical of a Statham movie, and the same plot of a normal action movie and you get this movie. I found myself in very few waking moments as it never offered me anything really to bite into in terms of story. Enter ‘Bishop,’ an extraordinary hitman that is in hiding then found by someone who wants specific people killed. Because ‘Bishop’ doesn’t have much of a weakness to force him to do anything, the movie gives him one. Enter Jessica Alba.

Through the movie, ‘Bishop’ shows off his skills as this amazing hitman while dealing with an issue he chose to put himself into. I feel like this kind of movie has been done before and in my memory, the movie ‘Hitman’ featuring Timothy Oliphant based on the video game stands out. Writers always feel like they should ground these kind of characters and it bothers me. I would much love to watch ‘Agent 47’ or ‘Bishop’ doing what they do best and turn the movie into espionage regarding their agencies or a higher up where people with similar skills would be much more difficult to take out, but I digress.

This movie was difficult to digest as it has been done before and rarely offered anything new. The reason why an action packed series like ‘The Fast and the Furious’ franchise does so well is the absurdity, it’s your connectivity and one should never forget, family! This film tries to do absurdity, but not too much. I do think that this sequel shouldn’t have been made as the first was great to watch, but the typical situation nowadays is to extend and prolong worlds and milk money out of the consumer.

If they had a different crack at it, I would have preferred a much more in depth view at the world that this character inhabits – the mythology of a hitman of his stature, different contacts and the amazing skills. So, therefore, I would say if you’re an action junkie, you’ll probably watch this anyway and if you’re not that hooked on action, don’t watch it. There is not much story here.

Rating: Read A Book