Saturday, 22 August 2015

CINEMA COSPLAY: Episode 1 (Hitman: Agent 47)

This past weekend the Take 4 crew started a new endeavor called Cinema Cosplay. A little backstory though. For the last few years or so I've been taking it upon myself to dress up for whatever movie I go to. Usually it's to match one of the characters on screen. For instance, if I'm going to see a Matrix movie? Black leather and cool sunglasses. Wolverine? Leather jacket and white wife beater. Superheroes are generally easier, because it's just a matter of wearing a Batman shirt, but this time I took it just one step further.

Yes, that is me, getting a bald cap put on my head. Since we wanted to do this whole web series thing, we decided 'Hitman: Agent 47 would be the best place to start. You can see the whole process below and the reactions from the unassuming theatre goers at Carib 5, Palace Amusement. Special thanks to the people who made this episode possible like my barber "Bunny" for making me look pretty and Kerry Spencer at Salon Innovations, for giving me the gift of temporary baldness, because once I told my girlfriend I was gonna shave my head...let's just say I might not have had a girlfriend to speak of.

You can always listen to our reviews and podcast episodes on itunes and podbean. This week we gave a review for 'Hitman: Agent 47' and we compared it to the Terminator series. Thanks for watching!


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